Cheap flights from Tenerife to England

As the largest island in the seven Canary Islands of the Atlantic Ocean on the African coast, Tenerife is also a popular destination for tourists and casual visitors, especially for those coming from the United Kingdom. The massive tourism boom that resulted from people starting to take advantage of cheap flights from England to Tenerife resulted in people absorbing their original spelling. The island, which is called "Teneriffe" in English, is now written more than F, "Tenerife".

For those tourists who decide to visit the island at this time of year, the chances are certainly on their side, as tourism is the most prominent industry in Canary and Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In 2006 alone, more than nine million tourists visited the canary, and 3 million of those were in Tenerife. The majority of tourists visiting the Canaries came from the United Kingdom, where cheap flights from England to Tenerife were obtained.

The southern part of the island is a little warmer and drier than the rest, which required a well-equipped resort like Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americaas. What makes tourists even better is that the Canadian Parliament approves the Moratoria Act, prohibiting any hotel on the island from being classified as 5 stars for its quality. This act also requires different services such as golf courses and Congress facilities. In line with Moratoria's original intention, the act was responsible for improving the Canary's tourism standards and helped develop an already influential tourism industry in its area.

Two major airports, Tenerife North Airport (TFN) and Tenerife South Airport (TFS) serve the island. After reaching the northern airport called Rodeos Airport, a tourist can easily travel to Santa Cruz-La Laguna, which is a metropolitan area with both domestic and international flights and intercity flights. They also recently started offering weekly services to Venezuela. Very cheap flights from the UK to Tenerife tend to arrive at Rodeos because it's smaller than the two major airports.

Tourists coming to Tenerife expecting a great and exciting social scene will not be disappointed, as both Playa de las America and Los Cristianos often host 24-hour parties filled with affectionate locals and tourists like yourself. Those who are looking for a more thoughtful and more sophisticated vacation are not left out, though going inland or in the north will allow you to explore and experience the more natural beauty of the island.

So stop dilly-dallying and start looking for cheap flights from England to Tenerife, where you can enjoy both the south's vast expanse and the green, lush and exotic views of the north.