Tourist Toys in Nigeria

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Here are some of the exotic scenery in Nigeria:

• Azurnini Blue River: Located in the state of Abia, the river is known for crystal clear blue water, sandy beaches and canoe walks.

• Arochukwu: The famous long-standing JuJu oracle cave

• Yola Municipality: Three sisters are known for their ineffective topography of the hill chain

• Ibeno Beach in the province of Akwa lbom

• Ogbunike Cave: A wonder of the nature of Anambra State

Lgbo-Ukwu, an ancient city known for its bronze works

• Yankari National Park: It is one of Nigeria's most advanced wildlife parks

• Wicky Hot Springs in Yankari National Park, was awarded hot water

• Benue Hills: Known for its various hills and tourist attractions

• Lake Chad for boating.

The foregoing is just a partial list of the many landscapes in Nigeria. Why do you miss the opportunity when you can afford cheap flights to Nigeria on airlines such as Virgin Nigeria Airline?